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Aug 28, 2021

In this episode we take a trip down under to the Land of Oz and have a talk-about with the spirited Katie Visco. Katie is on a mission of self-discovery and self-love, which is interwoven into her passion for running and community.

She joins the program to share her recent adventure in Australia, participating in the 1000 Miles to Light, a 1,000-mile relay race to raise awareness and funds for youth mental health services.

You’ll also hear about Katie’s cycle-supported run across Australia - a 2,210-mile endeavor over a four-month period. Kate is also the second-youngest female ever to run across the United States. 
Show notes:
One in four young Australians are experiencing a mental health difficulty. Yet, of these, 70% won’t seek help. You can help make a difference in a young person’s life today. Learn more about Reachout Australia and contribute if at all possible.
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Get the details about Kayo 1000 Miles to Light, a 10-day ultra race to raise awareness and support for Reachout Australia. 
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Watch Katie’s documentary, Twenty-One Twelve: A Human Powered Adventure Across Australia, 
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