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Apr 4, 2022

We are delighted to welcome Keely Henninger into the inner sanctum of the UR Magazine Podcast as she shares her mission to pursue her highest potential while helping others reach theirs, too. Keely has her focus set on Western States in June, where she’s looking to best last year’s performance which landed her among the top 20 finishers.
Join us as we talk about her training, work on the Trail Society Podcast, women in running and much more. Keely lives in Portland, OR, and is sponsored by Altra, Nathan Hydration and GU Energy Labs. 
Editor's note: Keely took home the win at the Gorge Waterfalls 50k prior to the release of this episode. Congrats Keely!
Thanks to our episode sponsor, Drymax
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Links mentioned in the episode:

Trail society podcast:
FASTR (female athlete resources):
Women in Sport Info on Puberty:
Instagram: @runwidkeel